Simple DIY – Coffee Tin Planter

When a huge gust of wind knocked my money tree plant to the floor and smashed into tiny pieces leaving soil all over the floor, I scrambled to clean it up before the cat got into it.  While I hurried to sweep it up I was also left with the dilemma of what was I going to put the plant into, I don’t have another planter lying around the condo.

After searching around, I was inspired by The Crafted Sparrow’s Coffee Tin Planter and her adorable colour choices.


I followed her instructions {minus the gold spray paint} and came up with my own colour combo with the colours I had on hand along with a silver and black Sharpie.


I’m pleased with how it turned out.  This quick and cost-effective project was fun and what’s even better is I made it from just using items from around the house.  I’ll work on the base saucer tomorrow so it coordinates.

Maybe I do have a green thumb after all!



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