Have you heard of Good Reads?

Word on the street is…goodreads

In this current economy of 2016 where we’re all looking to stretch our money, here is a great online resource for all you book-lovers out there.  This works hand in hand with your local library.  www.goodreads.com

have you heard of it?

Well, sit tight while I explain why I love this site.

After you create an account, you can start adding friends, similar to Facebook (this is optional), adding books you have read and searching for books you would like to read in the future.

By adding friends, you are able to see the books they have read or would like to read and add those books to your list as well of books you’d like to read some day.

There is also a “recommendations” section under the “browse” tab at the top where based on your favorite genre of books, it populates a series of books that goodreads feels would suite your interests.

There is also a main page where it shows a timeline of the recent books your friends have started reading or have just finished reading.  You are able to add, right there, whether or not you would like to read it as well.  You can also see what they rate the book as (1 out of 5 stars) of how good the book was.  You also have the option to write your opinion on why you liked or disliked the book for others to review and be made aware of.

One of my favorite features is you can set a reading challenge for yourself for the year.  I  usually put say I will read 12 books a year (one a month) as I have a busy schedule with work and after work activities.  It keeps me on track and as I finish a book, it updates so it keeps me on track and allows me to see how many more I need to go.  It’s encouraging.

Another unique feature is under the “browse” tab, is the “giveaway” section.  I have signed up for a few new book giveaways and have won 3 so far.  They are advanced copies of new books.  They are free and usually arrive under 10 days.  They will say who is eligible to enter (CA; Canada/US; USA, etc).  This is another great way to read free books ahead of the general public before it hits stores like Chapters and Indigo and Amazon.

Under the “community” tab at the top, there is a link to “ask the author” which is unique in the sense that if you have a question, you can have direct access.

A friend of mine recently had their birthday, I was able to print their “wish list” of books they want to read and I printed it out and took it with me to the second hand book stores in search of some of the books.  What an awesome idea to tailor a gift for a friend!!

I use my local library as well, once I’ve finished with one book, I log on to my library from my computer and place a hold on the next book I would like to read.  Again, FREE!  Then I update my goodreads account saying that I am “currently reading” the following book.

have you heard of goodreads?  Do you use it?  How have you found it so far?





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