5 Uses for Baking Soda

Part of being more money conscious, is finding multiple uses with arm and hammer baking sodaaffordable household items.  One of those items is Baking Soda.

I wanted to find out what else I could use it for, other than for baking.  Not only is it affordable, but it’s environmentally friendly as well.

Here are 5 other uses I have found for it:

  1. A great deodorizer
    place half a cup (or more depending on the area), into a container of your choosing and place it in a smelly area and the baking soda will absorb the odor.  I have placed a small tupperware container in the fridge to remove smells.  I have also sprinkled it into my shoes to remove the odors as well.  Works like a charm!
  2. Washing your hair
    mix a tablespoon of baking soda with your favourite shampoo in your palm.  Rub into your hair, then rinse well.  This will remove product buildup.
  3. Bath time
    add half a cup to a full tub of warm water when bathing for silky smooth skin.
  4. Fruit residue
    sprinkle on wet fruit and veggies to remove their waxy coating.  Scrub then rinse.
  5. Rust on baking sheets
    take 1/4 cup of baking soda and place it in a bowl with a squirt of hydrogen peroxide (3%) until it makes a paste.  Rub it on the rusted area of your baking sheet (or grease/stained area).  You can use your fingers or a small sponge.  Rinse and dry and voila, rust is gone and the baking sheet looks like new.

So next time you’re out grocery shopping, stock up on some boxes of Baking Soda and see how far it can go and the many uses that come from that little box.

What other uses have you tried and tested to be true for Baking Soda?



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