Ways to Save: Coupons

Did you say, COUPONS!?  Sure did, friend.  I love coupons, and they’re not just for your grandma anymore.

coupon imageWho wouldn’t love money off their purchases?  Whether it’s for grocery shopping, craft supplies, clothing, or even household items such as hardware stores.

And staying in line with being mindful of our finances, the best, best, best part: is they’re free!

With the holidays just around the corner, comes gift exchanges (through work, with friends or a social community you are apart of), holiday parties where it’s customary to bring a hostess gift and of course, Christmas gifts for the family and not to mention all the food that goes along with all these festive activities, it can become quite expensive if you don’t plan how much you want to spend.

A great way to keep costs down, not only during the holidays but throughout the year, is with coupons and shopping the sales (promotional periods as well as the sale sections).

Through Financial Fitness located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, they have a great resource on their website on how to find numerous coupons online.  They suggest many websites that you can register for and receive coupons right to your inbox.  Facebook is another great way to find coupons as well as the grocery aisles.

I know for the grocery store I frequent, the moment you walk in the doors, they have a wall dedicated to in-store coupons, I always have a look to see if any of the items are on my grocery list.  Yes, please!

Another great resource they recommend is looking at the manufacturers websites (for instance, checking out Kitchenaid’s website, they have a link called “Special Offers” to see if they have any coupons and/or promotions you can print right off their website).

On the Johnson & Johnson  website (familiar brands they carry and you will recognize are Aveeno, Tylenol, Neutrogena, and Listerine) under the section “Our Products” there’s a link called Product Coupons which brings you to the Healthy Essentials website where you can register and sign up for coupons from Johnson and Johnson as well as learning about some tips and tricks to stay healthy this winter.

I’m always proud to hand in all the coupons I have and see how much money I saved.  How much of my hard-earned money I have saved.

What a great way to save money and stretch your dollar a little further at this time of year.

What coupon sites to you visit?  How do you like them?  Any tips and tricks you can share?  I would love to hear your experiences.




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