Hello, it’s me; you’re local Library

I’m going to share with you one of my little secrets; I use the public library!

Eww, what?  Shocking, I know but it’s true.library_infinite

But check it out (haha get it, pun intended), here are a few reasons, and especially in this present day economy, even here in Canada, why I frequently use my public library.

  1. Nowadays you can log in on line (create an account and voila, so simple) and browse so quickly for books/ebooks, digital magazines, music and movies.  Quick and convenient and it’s all free!
  2. They offer events at any library.  Simply browse through the events you are interested in, select which library you prefer or is closest to you and see what future events are coming.  Register for any you are interested in.  I have attended local bookclubs, networking and business events hosted at my main library.  All free.
  3. Lots of selection to choose from.  The user pages are so customizable these days it’s like a Facebook home page.  I receive suggestions on books to read based on past books.  I can review books, I can save books I’m interested in for later on a virtual shelf to place a hold on later.  Same applies to movies and music as well.
  4. They also offer in-house computers (in case yours breaks down or catches a virus – I speak from experience).  It’s handy to know I can just walk in and jump on a computer.  They have a few of them so you’re always guaranteed one right away.
  5. Universal membership.  I love that I can request a book and pick it up at any location.  I usually pick the one nearest to my home but if I’m at work and know I can’t make it, I pick the library near my workplace and pick it up on my lunch hour.  So convenient and no hassles.

Do you use your library?  Are you aware of all the great resources they offer, whether it’d be in-house or online?

I’d love to hear about your experiences




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