No Spend Month: October 2016


Follow me on my journey and see if you are inspired to try it out.

First thing you need to do in order to start: have a plan!

1: Budget


image courtesy of pinterest

  • I have my budget set up already and have been diligent about following it each month so if you are thinking of starting a no-spend month, start with creating a budget allocating your pay for the month to only the essential items.

2: Upcoming Events/Functions

  • Knowing what events/functions are taking place within the month you are challenging yourself to not spend is important.  Looking ahead and seeing what is coming allows you to budget accordingly and allocate your budget to include an ‘allowance’ for just those specific events/functions.  October is the month with Thanksgiving and Halloween.  I don’t have children and I live in a condo so I wont be buying any costumes, decorations or handing out candy (savings).  Thanksgiving, I have been invited to a friends place to celebrate therefore with my allowance allocated to me in my budget, I will pick up a nice hostess gift and bring a dish. Not hard, super easy and affordable.

3: Free/Cost Effective Activities

  • Make a list of free/cost effective activities or social engagements you could do or attend to satisfy your need to get of the house and not think about spending.  Going for long walks in a new neighborhood, bike rides, car rides to small towns, dinner a friends place, host a party where friends and family bring food and drinks.  You get the idea.  There are ways of still having fun while not spending any money or using your budgeted money towards those activities (ie gas for the car rides).

4: Write it Down/Notebook-it

  • This may be a hard one for some of you however I think it’s important to document your progress.  The challenges you’ve encountered, things you’ve discovered, the good/the bad, the unexpected items that you have to pay extra for.  Jotting your thoughts in your notebook holds you accountable and also you can keep a list of things you would change for the next time ie increase spending allowance or pre-purchase your thanksgiving fixings in September if you know you will be hosting the dinner for friends and family.  You can also keep a running list of things you have noticed you can live without, a new activity that is cost effective you would like to try out, a clothing item you realized you need to pick up as the temperature changes.  You get the idea.  A funny thing about jotting things down, it becomes fun and soon you just start jotting everything down and your ideas are growing and evolving.

So now that I have a plan in place, being October 1st, it’s time to consciously not spend over and above the necessities.  Wish me luck!



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